SMUS India 2023 Promo Video

Join us for the 3rd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (SMUS conference) from 20th February to 26th February 2023 at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee(IIT Roorkee), India.

The SMUS conference, which will simultaneously be the “3rd RC33 Regional Conference Asia: India”, is a part of the Action 1 of the “Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability” (GCSMUS or SMUS) and is being organized in cooperation with the Research Committee on “Logic and Methodology in Sociology” (RC33) of the “International Sociology Association” (ISA) and the Research Network “Quantitative Methods” (RN21) of the European Sociology Association” (ESA).

The Conference focuses on developing transdisciplinary spatial methods by bringing together research methods from various spatial disciplines, such as sociology, geography, humanities, architecture, urban planning, urban design, and transportation planning. It aims to create a platform that empowers scholars from the Global South and the Global North to build a network of discourse on research methodology.

The SMUS conference India 2023 will be hosted jointly by the Department of Architecture & Planning and the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at IIT Roorkee. The conference will include a ‘PhD day’, advanced methodological training courses, keynotes, and more than 20 sessions focussing on multifaceted themes that will provide an opportunity to discuss current methodological topics with an international audience.