SMUS Post-Doctoral Researchers: Introductory Video

The SMUS post-doctoral fellows introduce themselves – watch the video below and get to know them!

Post-doctoral fellows Dr. Maximiliano Marentes (Argentina), Megha Tyagi (India) and Inês Martina Lersch (Brazil)

In this short video, three of the SMUS post-doctoral fellows introduce themselves, share their discipline backgrounds, say a few words about their research proposals and express what it was like to have been awarded a scholarship as well as done research and lived in the city of Berlin. The video was shot at the garden of the Charlottenburg Palace during the fall of 2022.

Ines Martina Lersch

Assoc. Prof. Inês Martina Lersch

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Porto Alegre, Brazil

Working title of research proposal: “Social Housing in Central Areas and Participatory Planning: The City of Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil”.

Dr. Maximiliano Marentes

Universidad Nacional de General San Martín – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Working title of research proposal: “Pragmatic love. Regimes of stabilization of the couple-network among gay men”.

Dr. Ludovic Lado

Dr. Ludovic Lado Tonlieu

Centre d’Etudes et de Formation pour le Développement – Ndjamena, Chad

Working title of research proposal: “Nexus between Rural and Urban Sustainability in Subsaharan Africa: Case Studies in Chad and in Cameroon”.

Dr. Megha Tyagi

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee – Roorkee, India

Working title of research proposal: “The Wheels of Change: Rethinking Children’s Independent Mobility to school in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles”.