Session 13

13. Studying Urban Planning and Governance Through Qualitative Approaches: Perspectives from Various Spatial Contexts

Session Informations:

Day: Thursday, Sept. 8th
Time: 15:15 – 16:45 (BRT)
Duration: 90 min

Session Abstract:

This session creates a platform for discourse among researchers who study issues of urban space, governance and planning in various contexts. What are the possibilities and limits of different methods (e.g. ethnographies, interviews, mappings, group discussions, questionnaires, analytical indices etc.) when studying cities from various conceptual and empirical perspectives? Papers might deal with, but are not limited to questions on the spatial configuration of neighbourhoods. The role of actors in the governance of natural resources such as water is also of interest. Moreover, assessments of urban mobility using analytical indices are paramount. The implications of physical planning for residential liveability is also critical. The session seeks to reach out to researchers as well as practitioners. Expected papers should be based on empirical research, but may also deal with theoretical, methodological, as well as hands-on practical questions of doing research in these environments. We encourage papers from various spatial contexts as a way of enriching existing discourse. Thus, case studies from different national, regional and local contexts are welcome.

Paper presentations:

  • My Tiny Homeland: On Studying Mental Representations of Urban Neighborhoods
    • Author: Daria Wójcik
  • The Role of Actors in the Effective Governance of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Botswana
    • Authors: Lebogang Basimane, Prof. Kutlwano Mulale, Prof. Elisha Toteng
  • Urban Mobility Basic Index (UMBI) for Medium-sized Brazilian Cities: Formulation Using the AHP Method with Application in the Municipality of Franca
    • Authors: Lara Reis Rodrigues, Maximiliano Engler Lemos, Rochele Amorim Ribeiro
  • Neighbourhood Planning and Residential Liveability in Windhoek, Namibia
    • Author: Eric Yankson