NUPEPA Workshop

NUPEPA (Brazil) introductory workshop on digital audiovisual production

SMUS Junior Researchers were given the opportunity to take part in an introductory workshop on digital audiovisual production. The workshop was hosted by NUPEPA (Brazil), in partnership with ImaRgens and LAPS (Social Research Laboratory) 

NUPEPA and their partners work closely with academics and other relevant stakeholders by training them to produce audiovisual outputs. Academics, for example,  can use materials such as short films, interviews and documentaries to complement their research and fieldwork objectives and these outputs can form an essential part of their research data.

The SMUS introductory workshop marked the first time this course has been offered in English, and NUPEPA hopes to adapt the workshop for other English-speaking participants in the future.

A special thank you to Professor Fraya Frehse and Caio Moraes Reis for the introduction to the NUPEPA team and, of course, to Allan Herison Ferreira and Ana Carolina Trevisan for running the workshop.


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