Nomination MOOC ULC for GCA 2023

Based on the vision of SDG goal #11, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Urban Landscapes of Care – Thinking and Designing child-friendly cities” developed by intuyLab, promotes the social inclusion of young children and their caregivers in today’s urban development and teaches over 7 educational modules how to analyse, design, and implement quality public spaces for early childhood. Through an experiential learning approach, participants are invited to rethink the city from the perspective of young children and their caregivers, and to act empathetically and strategically on this challenge.

While the MOOC takes the Peruvian urban reality as a reference, similarities with other global urban contexts can be established. The course is addressing students and young professionals working in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, design and all interested learners in social and spatial development.

The MOOC offers 25 to 30 hours of educational content including theoretical inputs, practical exercises, as well as interactive moments between young participants. All content is developed in English, nevertheless all videos are produced bilingual (Spanish, English). The course is open access on Coursera Campus Platform UPC.

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Course available: Open end… (Since the course is part of UPC official curriculum there is no final date)
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Golden Cube Award

The Golden Cubes Awards (GCA) honour people and organizations that help children and young people to develop a better understanding of architecture and the built environment. The Awards recognise, encourages, and supports individuals and organisations that lay the foundations of an architectural culture and help children and young people, from pre-school up to and including the age of 18, to understand architectural design and the processes by which our environment is shaped.

Whom is it awarded by?
UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme (award exits since 2011)
Instagram: @uia_architects

Jury members (2023):

Carla Rinaldi (Italy), Professor, President of Fondazione Reggio Children

Angela Uttke Million (Germany), Professor, Director of GCSMUS

Krisztina Somogyi (Hungary), PhD – Communication Specialist, UIA A&C WP member

Jorge Raedo (Colombia), Media specialist

Heba Safey Eldeen (Egypt), Professor, UIA WP Architecture & Children Co-Director

Ken-ichi Suzuki (Japan), Professor, Nagoya City University

Peter Exley (USA), American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2021 President, Architecture is Fun

Announcement date: 02nd of July 2023

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Peru MOOC Team

Hannah Klug

Walter Juan Pablo Soto

José Cepero

Collaboration institutions:

IntuyLab, Design School UPC, Bernard van Leer Foundation

Instragam accounts of institutions: