Cultural and Natural Heritage


Cultural and Natural Heritage in Kazakhstan: Ways of Strengthening Protection


Satbayev University, Department of Social Disciplines

This MOOC shows several of the great cultural and natural heritage sites in Kazakhstan and zooms in on the city of Almaty. At the same time, it addresses the challenges in protecting these resources, and through discussions and interviews with scholars, practitioners, activists, and local authorities, tries to find common pathways to strengthen the protection of the cultural and natural capital of Kazakhstan.

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Hosting platform: Coursera, Politechonline platform Satbayev University
Status: MOOC currently in production phase

Lead Partner


Prof. Dr. Bakhytnur Otarbayeva, KIMEP

Dr. Taukel Ospanov, Social Disciplines, Satbayev University

Dr. Meiram Sarybaev, Historical Sciences