Addressing Spatial Methods for Homelessness Research


NEPSESTE – Center for Studies and Research in the Sociology of Space and Time (University of São Paulo): Ana Carolina Martins Gil (PUC-SP-GCSMUS); Caio Moraes Reis (USP-GCSMUS); Ednan Silva Santos (UFABC-GCSMUS); Giovanna Olinda dos Santos Bernardino (UFABC-GCSMUS); Fraya Frehse, (coord./USP-GCSMUS)


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How can spatial methods be mobilized in the homelessness studies? And what do they offer to the researcher? Based on the background argument that spatial methods contribute to homelessness studies by highlighting the everyday spatialities of homelessness, this workshop aims at mobilizing a methodological toolbox comprising ethnographic observation of everyday spatialities and techniques of visualization of those everyday spatialities in homelessness research through two steps: (i) the presentation of the referred toolbox and the empirical object it discloses and (ii) a short experience of fieldwork, with the production of fieldnotes which are to be discussed in the final session.

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