Samuel Thomsen

  • Role in Center:

    SMUS Student Assistant

  • Discipline:

    Sociology & Applied Geoscience

  • University:

    Technische Universität Berlin

  • Country:


Samuel sees himself as an advocate of the Humboldtian ideal of education and the approach of pursuing a broad transdisciplinary course of study. Therefore, he began a Sociology degree after completing a Bachelor of Science in Geotechnology in 2019. He has been part of the SMUS team since 2020 and has conducted a internship in 2023 with SMUS Partner Gisela Paredes-Leguizamón in order to write his Bachelor thesis with the title: Pluriversalism in Colombia’s Spatial Planning (Tadó): Neighbourhoods, Inclusion & Decoloniality. Thourgh his research and interdisciplinary academic background, he wants grasp an integrated understandig of climate change impacts from both – human and physical – perspectives.