Samaneh Niazkhani

  • Role in Center:

    SMUS Doctoral Student

  • Discipline:

    Urban and Regional Planning

  • University:

    University of Tehran

  • Country:


Biography: Samaneh Niazkhani was born in Tehran, Iran. Her first degree was a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering. She later changed her research field of interest to Urban and Regional Planning due to her concerns about socio-economic issues and their impact on the environment.
Samaneh got her master’s degree in Regional Development Planning from Allameh Tabatabai University, and she is currently considering pursuing a PhD at Tehran University.
She cooperates with the Plan & Budget Organisation (PBO) as a planning and budgeting expert and main collaborator and regularly applies her knowledge in her work. She has passed 18 units so far and now wants to develop her PhD thesis proposal to accommodate her knowledge and career experience.
Furthermore, she has cooperated with UNESCO in completing the annual questionnaires of education expenditure and change in ISCED in Iran between 2015 and 2017.

Research Topic: The Sustainable settlements achievement Framework through the Spatial Inequalities Reduction in Less Developed Regions.

Selected Publications:

  • AminZadeh, B./ Niazkhani, S. (2021): Assessment of Islamic-Iranian model of progress from the approach of the principles of today cities organization; Emphasizing the ideas of urban sociologist: “Janet Abu-Lughod “. The 6th International Conference on Religious Studies and Humanities in the Islamic World. Available at:

  • Niazkhani, S./AminZadeh, B. (2021): Discourse Analysis of Sustainable Development in Iran’s Fifth and Sixth Development Plans, 6th International Conference on Management, Psychology and Humanities with Sustainable Development Approach, Available at:

  • Ahmadi, S./Niazkhani, S. /Latifi, Gh. (2020): Recognition of the idea of modern utopia in fiction in the last two decades before the Islamic Revolution, Journal of Cultural Studies and Communication »Winter 2017 – Issue 57. Available at:

  • Niazkhani, S. / Kazemian, Gh. (2015): Strategic model for improving the business environment in Tehran with emphasis on strategic management of innovation in the field of business, Journal of Social Welfare Research. Winter 2015, the third year – No. 6. Available at:

  • Niazkahni, S./Allahyar, T.A. (2014): An attempt to implement the higher education planning process in order to achieve educational justice in the Sixth Development Plan of the country using the combined Delphi-cartography method in GIS. Journal of Social Welfare Research. Winter 2014, the second year – No. 4. Available at:

  • Niazkhani, S. / Latifi, Gh. (2012): Comparative evaluation of educational use with emphasis on social justice in Tehran and optimal location of new schools using cartography. Journal of Society, Culture and Media» Spring 2012 – Issue 2. Available at:

  • Khaksari, A./Niazkhani, S./Ghorbanpour, Z. (2012): Optimization of freight transport route between the centers of Iran province, using genetic algorithm (GA), Journal: Transportation Engineering- Spring 2012, Volume 3, Number 3 (11 consecutive). Available at:

  • Shamsipour, A./Niazkhani, S./ Bayat. M. (2011): Modeling and explaining the position of tourism industry in the development of Qeshm desert in Hormozgan province. Qeshm National Conference and Future Perspective, Available at:

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sustainable development in regional and spatial planning
  • Education (basic, technical & vocational and higher) and community-based empowerment in urban and regional planning
  • Modelling (quantitative and qualitative) in urban and regional planning

Memberships & Networks:

  • A member of Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS) network (2020-present)
  • Instructor of quantitative models in urban and regional planning of Noor Toobi Higher Education Institute (2020-present)
  • Expert of Educational Planning and Budgeting, Management and Planning Organization (2014-present)