Nyasha Agnes Gurira

  • Discipline:

    Cultural Heritage Studie

  • University:

    Midlands State University

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Nyasha Agnes Gurira is a Lecturer in the department of Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies at Midlands State University. She is currently pursuing my PhD with University of Botswana and have a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies and Bachelor of Arts Honor’s Degree in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies both awarded from Midlands State University. Her area of specialty is Documentation of Pre-Colonial Drystone Wall Sites. She is currently teaching, Documentation of Cultural Property, Conservation of Cultural Property and Heritage Legislations and Protection. She is also the department’s field coordinator, she plans, designs and evaluates the departmental field practical’s in both surveying and documentation. She has participated in national restorations and conservation efforts for precolonial sites namely Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site, Khami World Heritage Site and Naletale national monument and is currently participating in two national researches which involve research on precolonial sites, the first is a Research Council of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University multidisciplinary research titled, A Heritage based Approach to the fight against Covid-19 Insights from Archaeology, Food Science, Chemistry, Public Health and Medicine. The research seeks to understand issues of diet, disease management from pre-colonial societies looking at sites like Ziwa, Great Zimbabwe, Naletale, Danamombe. The second is a documentation project for Naletale cluster sites funded by the American Embassy under their Ambassadors Fund Grant, where we are set to come up with a monuments database for all sites in the cluster. She is published on these precolonial sites namely Great Zimbabwe and Naletale national monuments, in the two publications available online where she discusses issues of sustainable conservation of these sites. Her interest in pre-colonial sites is continually evolving looking at these sites from diverse research perspectives and this has seen her a part of the SMUS project A South-South collaboration that involved cultural heritage and pre-colonial examples of urban development. These sites in Zimbabwe are in fact earliest examples of urban development in the Zimbabwean context. She believes that there is a need to understand the past to pave way for the future. She understands that ruminant precolonial sites/ancient monuments and the first cities are our window into the past where modern day cities can draw valuable lessons from them especially with regards to of sustainable development.

Selected Publications:

    • Gurira N.A, Manyanga M, Gutu C and Ndlovu-Nyathi C, 2017. , The monument we deserve: Issues of Authenticity and Integrity at Naletale National Monument In Manyanga M and Chirikure S. (eds.), Archives, Objects, places and landscapes: Multi-Disciplinary approaches to a decolonized Zimbabwean past :Bamenda: LaangaResearch and Publishing CIG.
    • Gurira, N1, Mabgwe M1 and Ndlovu C2. 2021. The politics of community inclusion: Community engagement approaches at selected World Heritage Sites in Zimbabwe. In Munjeri, D and Thondlana, T. P (eds). The status quo and the way forward in implementing the 1972 UNESCO Convention concerning the protection of the World Heritage in Africa: Zimbabwean context World Heritage Fund, Pretoria, 134-152
    • Gurira N.A, 2018. Challenging the concept of infinity retention of collections in Zimbabwe’s State Museums at selected public museums in Zimbabwe. In Ngulube P (ed.), Handbook for Heritage Management and Preservation, page numbers 132-155 Hershey: IGI Global
    • Gurira N.A and Ngulube P. 2016: 291-302 Vol 225. Using contingency valuation approaches to assess sustainable cultural heritage tourism use and conservation of the outstanding universal values (OUV) at Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe: Conservation of Architectural Heritage 23-27.; Science Direct; available online 26                     July              Web  Page[]
    • Gurira Nyasha Agnes and Katekwe Petronella, 2018, Traditional Management Systems and the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage: Multiple Case Studies in Zimbabwe; World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Social and Business Sciences page numbers 166-181, available 0nline Open Science Index, Social and Business Sciences Vol:12, No:01, 2018

Areas of Expertise:

  • Documentation of Precolonial Dry stone walled sites
  • Heritage Economics
  • Heritage and Sustainable Tourism
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • World Heritage and Community Engagement

Current Position(s):

  • Lecturer Midlands State University Department of Archaeology

Past Position(s)

  • Assistant Lecturer Midlands State University
  • Collections Manager Midlands State University
  • Geography Teacher Ambassador College

Prizes & Awards:

  • MSU Book Prize Best Students Masters Cultural Heritage Studies

Memberships & Networks:

  • Committee Member Zimbabwe Association for Professional Archaeologists and Related Disciplines ZAPARD
  • Vice President Friends of Central Region Museums and Sites