Mitchell De Sousa

  • Role in Center:

    SMUS Doctoral Student

  • Discipline:

    Architecture, Mobility and Urban Planning

  • University:

    University of Buenos Aires

  • Country:


Biography: Mitchell de Sousa is an architect based at the University of Buenos Aires with a dual master’s degree in Urban Planning and Mobility from the dual master’s program between the University of Buenos Aires and the Technische Universität Berlin. He is currently a researcher at several departments at the University of Buenos Aires, such as the Centro de Estudios del Area Metropolitana de Buenos Aires and at the Instuto Superior de Urbanismo. At the Instuto Superior de Urbanismo, he has worked on urban landscape research and found new ways to improve urban diagnosis. Additionally, he has been a mentor at the University of Buenos Aires since 2017, teaching urban economics, urban theory, and landscape architecture. He is also a tutor and an assistant coordinator for the Argentinean side of the dual degree program that he graduated from.

Research Topic: Urban strategies and tools based on local municipalities beyond the centralized state in Middle-Sized towns of Argentinean Patagonia: The case of the city of Trelew, Argentina.

Selected Publications:

  • De Sousa, M. et al. (2018): Mapeos del borde urbano: Riachuelo, Ciudad y Flujos: Percepción de tres unidades de paisaje en el límite Nueva Pompeya (CABA) y Valentín Alsina. International repository of the Universidad Nacional de la Plata. La Plata, Argentina. ISSN: 2618-1975.

  • De Sousa, M. (2018): Beyond  Urban  Segregation:  Resilient  Neighborhoods and  Territorial  Frames  in  Middle-Sized Towns of Latin America: The Case of “Planta de Gas” in the Patagonian-Argentine City of Trelew. TRIALOG Annual congress 2018: Resilient Urban Development versus the Right to the City? Dortmund, Germany.

  • De Sousa, M. (2018): Social reproductions and territorial frames of popular sectors in middle-sized Latin American towns: the case of the neighborhood “Planta De Gas” in the Patagonian-Argentine city of Trelew. 54th ISOCARP CONGRESS. Bodo, Norway.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Urban Mobility
  • Urban Economics
  • Urban Management
  • Popular Economy
  • Informal Economy

Prizes & Awards:

  • Lincoln Institute Scholars Program – Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • Riachuelo en transformación. Hacia un nuevo estatus urbano de lugar – ACUMAR, Argentina
  • Latin America Program Graduate Student Fellowship Support – Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • International Planning and Developing Regions – TU Delft

Memberships & Networks:

  • Centro de Estudios Metropolitanos de Transporte (CETAM) – University of Buenos Aires
  • Instituto Superior de Urbanismo (ISU) – University of Buenos Aires
  • Assistant Coordinator and Tutor – Dual Degree Master University of Buenos Aires and Technische Universitat Berlin