Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer

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    Advanced Researcher

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    University of Salzburg

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Biography: Wolfgang Aschauer is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Salzburg. In 2015 he received his habilitation in sociology completing an extensive monograph on “The Societal Malaise of EU-citizens”.  His main research areas are challenges of social integration in Western societies. He has conducted studies on ethnocentrism, social inclusion and wellbeing and  on integration dynamics concerning immigrants. Dr. Aschauer has extensive  expertise in cross-national surveys and mainly adopts a quantitative perspective in his projects. He has also been actively  involved in several methodological networks in sociology and was  the  coordinator of the ESA RN 21 “Quantitative methods” from 2015 to 2019. His understanding of practising sociology is to address the most pressing issues of contemporary societal developments, to learn from interdisciplinary approaches and to promote theory-guided research with an open view towards the broad variety of methods in the social sciences. 

Selected Publications:

  • Aschauer, W. (2020): The drivers of prejudice with a special focus on religion — insights into anti-Muslim sentiment in Austrian society. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 45 (2), 183–212.

  • Prandner, D./Aschauer, W./Moosbrugger, R. (2020): The Austrians’ expectations for the future. Explanations based on a structural equation model combining various predictors of social integration. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 45 (2), 235–255.

  • Aschauer, W. (2020): The multifaceted nature of current authoritarian attitudes in Austria – insights from a representative survey. In: Manfred Oberlechner, Reinhard Heinisch & Patrick Duval (Hg.). Nationalpopulismus bildet? Lehren für Unterricht und Bildung. Frankfurt: Wochenschau-Verlag, 37–69.

  • Weichbold, M./Seymer, A./Aschauer, W./Herdin, T. (2020): Potentials and Limits of Automated Classification of Big Data – A Case Study. Historical Social Research, 45 (3), 288–313.

  • Aschauer, W. (2019): New directions in cross-cultural wellbeing research. Revue des politiques sociales et familiales, 5–23, 132–133.

  • Aschauer, W./Mayerl, J. (2019):  The dynamics of ethnocentrism in European regions. Comparing enduring and emerging determinants of solidarity towards immigrants. European Societies, 21 (5), 672–703.

  • Aschauer, W. (2017): Das gesellschaftliche Unbehagen der BürgerInnen in der EU. Ursachen, Dimensionen, Folgen. Wiesbaden: Springer-VS.

  • Aschauer, W./Weichbold, M./Foidl, M./Drecoll, A. (2017): Obersalzberg as a Realm of Experience. On the Quality of Visitors‘ Experiences at National Socialist Places of Remembrance. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 9, 158–174.

  • Aschauer, W. (2017): Societal Malaise in turbulent times. Introducing a new explanatory factor of populism in a cross-national Europe-wide perspective. In: Heinisch, R.C./Holtz-Bacha, C./Mazzoleni, O. (Eds). Handbook of Political Populism. Baden: Nomos, 307–328.

  • Aschauer, W. (2016): Societal Malaise and Ethnocentrism in the European Union. Monitoring societal change by focusing on EU citizens´ Perceptions of Crises. Historical Social Research, 41 (2), 307–359.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Challenges of Social Integration
  • Wellbeing and Quality of Life
  • Sociology of Europe
  • Ethnocentrism and Anti-Muslim Sentiments
  • Quantitative Methods, Value Research and Cross-Cultural Research

Current Position(s):

Past Position(s)

Prizes & Awards:

  • January 2019–Spring 2020: Fulbright Award, Botstiber-Visiting Professor for Austrian-American Studies, Harvard University
  • June 2009: Prize for innovative teaching, University of Salzburg
  • June 2009: Prize Teacher of the Year, Nursing Science, Private Medical University Salzburg
  • August 2009: Emerald Publishing Commended Paper Award “Perceptions of tourists at risky destinations”

Memberships & Networks:

  • RN 21 “Quantitative Methods”, European Sociological Association
  • RC 33 “Logics and Methodology”, International Sociological Association 
  • German Sociological Association (DGS)
  • Austrian Sociological Association (ÖGS)