Dr. Vera Toepoel

  • Role in Center:

    Advanced Researcher

  • Discipline:

    Methodology and Statistics

  • University:

    Utrecht University

  • Country:

    The Netherlands

Biography: Vera Toepoel’s research focuses on online data collection. Topics include mobile surveys and the methodological issues associated with using human data to supplement or replace survey data (passive data collection, sensor data). She is the author of the book ‘Doing Surveys Online’ published by Sage (2015), the president of RC33 (Methods and Logistics) of the International Sociological Association. She has been the Chairwoman of the Dutch Platform for Survey Research, bringing together people working in market research, science, and government. She studied Leisure Sciences with a specialisation in Marketing. She was a consumer researcher at the Dutch Knowledge Center Tourism and a senior researcher at CentERdata while doing her PhD on the design of online questionnaires (2008).

Selected Publications:

  • Toepoel, V. (2016): Doing Surveys Online. SAGE.

  • Struminskaya, B./Toepoel, V./Lugtig, P./Haan, M./Luijten, A./Schouten, B (accepted): Mechanisms of willingness to share data collected using smartphone sensors and the stability of willingness. Evidence from the general population in the Netherlands. Public Opinion Quarterly.

  • Toepoel, V./Elevelt, A. (accepted): Mobile and Sensor Data Collection. Sage Research Methods Foundations.

  • Bais, F./Schouten, B./Toepoel, V. (accepted): Investigating Response Patterns across Surveys: Do Respondents show Consistency in Undesirable Answer Behavior across Multiple Surveys Bulletin de Methodology Sociologique.

  • Elevelt, A./Bernasco, W./Lugtig, P./Ruiter, S./Toepoel, V. (2019): Where You at? Using GPS Locations in an Electronic Time Use Diary Study to Derive Functional Locations. Social Science Computer Review.

  • Elevelt, A./Lugtig, P./Toepoel, V. (2019): Doing a Time Use Survey on Smartphone Only: What Factors Predict Nonresponse at Different Stages of the Survey Process. Survey Research Methods, 13, 195-21.

  • Toepoel, V./Vermeeren, B./Metin, B. (2019): Stars, Hearts, Buttons, Tiles or Grids: Influence of Response Format on Substantive Response, Questionaire Experience and Response Time. Bulletin de Methodology Sociologique, 142, 57-74.

  • Verbree, A.-R./Toepoel, V./Perada, N. (2019): The Effect of Motivation and Device Use on Data Quality. Social Science Computer Review. (eigenfactor: AL 63).

  • Toepoel, V./de Leeu, E./Hox, J. (2019): Single- and Mixed-Mode Survey Data Collection. In: Sage Research Methods Foundations Atkinson/Delamont/Cernat/Sakshaug/Williams (eds.).

  • Haan, M./Lugtig, P./Toepoel, V. (2019): Can we predict device use? An investigation into mobile device use in surveys International Journal of Social Research Methodology. DOI: 10.1080/13645579.2019.1593340

Areas of Expertise:

  • Surveys
  • Online Data Collection
  • Visual Design
  • Panels
  • Sociological Methods

Current Position(s):

  • Assistant Professor at Utrecht University
  • Researcher Statistics in the Netherlands

Past Position(s)

  • Assistant Professor at Tilburg University
  • Senior Researcher at CentERdata

Prizes & Awards:

  • VENI 364,000 euro for Building a Panel via Social Contacts
  • GOR Best Thesis Award

Memberships & Networks:

  • RC33 President
  • ESRA Vice-Chair
  • NPSO Chair
  • European Survey Research Association
  • General Online Research Gor