Dr. Shamin Golrokh

  • Role in Center:

    Advanced Researcher

  • Discipline:

    Architecture and Urban Design

  • University:

    University of Tehran

  • Country:


Biography: Dr. Shamin Golrokh is an Assistant Professor of Urban Design at the School of Urban Planning, University of Tehran, where she has been teaching since 2016. Before this, she was a lecturer at Shahid Behesti University, Iran for two years. Dr. Golrokh obtained a BSc in Architecture in 2004, an MSc in Urban Design in 2008 and her PhD in Urban Design in 2013, from Shahid Beheshti University. Her research focuses on understanding people’s perception and experiences of public spaces through qualitative methodologies. Furthermore, she follows the tactical and participatory paradigms in urban design practice.

Selected Publications:

  • Golrokh, S. (2012): Rethinking in definition of the concept of Deteriorated Urban Areas, based on the concept of Deterioration of Place. Soffeh: ISC Journal of Shahid Beheshti University, 57, 79-94.

  • Golrokh, Sh. (2014): Dimensions of Place Identity. In: Young Women’s Experience of Public Space in Tehran. Soffeh, 66, 80-97.

  • Pakzad, J./Golrokh, Sh. (2015): Fahm-e tajrobe-ye taghīr-e yekbāre-ye makān; hess-e makān-e sākenān va kasabe-ye khīābān-e pīādh-rah shode-ye 17 Shahrivar. (Understanding the experience of abrupt change of place; sense of place of residents and tradesmen in 17-shahrivar pedestrianized street). [In Persian] Soffeh, 25(3), 65-80.

  • Golrokh, Sh./Bagheri, M. (2020): The Monumental Public Space embodies whose Collective Memory? Exploring Imam Ali Square in local tradespersons’ experience. [In Persian] Soffeh, 30(3).

  • Golrokh, Sh. (2019): The Application of Environmental Preferences Criteria in Public Space Assessment, with an Emphasis on the Sense of Place. Soffeh 85, 77-94,

  • Rossi, A. (1396/2017 under Publication). Me’mri Shahr (The Architecture of the City). Golrokh, Sh. (2017): Book, Translation into Persian. Tehran: Nashre Elmi- Farhangi.

  • Alexander, C. (1390/2010). Shahr Derakht Nist (City is not a Tree). Farshad, F./Golrokh, Sh. (2010): Book, Translation into Persian. Tehran: Armanshahr.

  • Qarargāh, Raftāri (1391/2011): Vāhedi barāye Tahlil Mohit (Behavior Setting; an Unit of analysis of Enavironment). Golrokh, Sh. (2011): Book, Translation into Persian. Tehran: Armanshahr.

  • Golrokh, Sh. (2014): Contribution of Urban Space and Religious Event to make Collective Meanings; emphasizing the management dimension. In: International Conference of “Religion in Urban Spaces. Göttingen, Germany, April 9th to 11th 2014.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Urban Design
  • Qualitative Research

Current Position(s):

  • Assistant Professor in Urban Design, at the School of Urban Planning, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Prizes & Awards:

  • DAAD academic scholarship for a 3-month research stay at TU Berlin