Dr. Langtone Maunganidze

  • Role in Center:

    Advanced Researcher

  • Discipline:

    Sociology and Social Anthropology

  • University:

    Midlands State University of Zimbabwe

  • Country:


Biography: Dr. Langtone Maunganidze has a PhD in Sociology, and a MSc in Sociology and Social Anthropology, obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator at the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. His teaching and research interest areas cover issues in industrial sociology, rural development and entrepreneurship. He has published dozens of peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has presented engaging academic pieces at numerous international fora. His service to academia and his profession has taken him to various countries as a visiting scholar, external examiner for advanced degrees and reviewer for internationally acclaimed publishing houses. Dr. Maunganidze has ably mobilized and managed internationally funded research projects and student exchange scholarships. Furthermore, he is the university’s local contact person for the Global Centre of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS) project.

Selected Publications:

  • Maunganidze, L., & Faimau, G. (2023). Sponsored or Autogestive Materialisation of Space: Urban Informality in Harare, Zimbabwe. Modern Africa: Politics, History and Society, 11(1), 45–72.

  • Chisango, T., Maunganidze, L., Maseko, M… (2023). Misconceptions of the theory of evolution predict opposition to the theory and science in general….. Heliyon9(4):e16783. doi: 1016/j.heliyon.2023.e16783/www.elsevier

  • Maunganidze, L. (2022). Corporate social investment practices as ‘soft technology’:  A case of selected Botswana firms. Journal of Cleaner Production, 368:1-26.;

  • Chisango, T., Mafa, I., & Maunganidze, L. (2022). Investigating the sexist implications of bride price (lobola) in Zimbabwe. Society, 59(6):1-12

  • Maunganidze, L. (2022). Exhuming lived experiential past in rural development research and practice. In: T. Madzivhandila, S. Hachingota, J. Francis…. (eds.), Development Practice in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons from the trenches (pp: 99-107). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

  • Maphosa, F., & Maunganidze, L. (2021). Corporate citizenship: Business and society in Botswana. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave, Macmillan. › bfm:978-3-030-67766-4 › 1.pdf (Scopus)

  • Maunganidze, L., & Dzingirai, V. (2021). Succession Planning and the sustainability of the land reform programme in Zimbabwe. Journal of Asian and African Studies57(7): 1414–1429.;

  • Maunganidze L. (2021). Corporate citizenship and workplace democracy in Botswana: Rhetoric or reality? In: F. Maphosa & L. Maunganidze (eds.), Corporate citizenship: Business and society in Botswana (pp. 77-116). Cham: Springer/Palgrave Macmillan,

  • Maunganidze, L. (2020). Excavating blind spots in qualitative research: Reflecting on a lecturer’s experiential past. Mosenodi: International Journal of Educational Studies, 23 (2): 41-62. › index.php › mosenodi.

  • Maunganidze, L. (2019). Getting to grips with gatekeepers in African migrant research. Botswana Notes and Records, 51: 46-63. Botswana Society (indexed in JSTOR/listed under.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Industrial Sociology
  • Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Rural Development
  • Entrepreneurship

Current Position(s):

  • Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator in Human Resource Management and Sociology at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Past Position(s)

  • Chairperson of Sociology Department, University of Zimbabwe
  • Head of Business Management, Ba Isago University, Botswana

Prizes & Awards:

  • CODESRIA Book Research project on Corporate Citizenship in Botswana
  • FARNPAN-University of Venda book project collaboration
  • 1. 2019-2021-TU/ Berlin- German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): “Global Centre of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS)” funded under the Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation program – Exceed

Memberships & Networks:

  • Member of Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) – Zimbabwe Chapter 2006-12 (2018-today)