SMUS Germany Excursions 2022

On the occasion of academic international visitors through SMUS at TU Berlin, we are pleased to share with you a schedule of excursions and events taking place in the summer semester 2022. This schedule will be open to our international guests as well as students and academics from Berlin.


Excursion: Wittenberg (Pentecost)

Leave together for excursion to Wittenberg is the starting point of the Christian Reformation. Martin Luther spent 35 years here – more than half of his life. It was here that he published his 95 theses against the sale of indulgences in 1517, and here you will find the first Lutheran Church world-wide. Pentecost will be a perfect time to visit, as this is one of the main holidays

Organizers: Nina Baur; Mara Cosci


Excursion: Lübbenau in Spreewald

Getting an impression what preindustrial Germany looked like.

Organizers: Nina Baur; Berkant Ufakcan


Excursion: Eisenach and Wartburg

Leave together for excursion to Wartburg, a medieval town with a castle where Luther translated the bible and in doing so, created the German language, and where musician Johann Sebastian Bach lived.

Organizers: Nina Baur; Peter Fauth


Excursion: Sachsenhausen

Nazi Germany: Former Concentration Camp

Organizers: Nina Baur; Lilian Sanyang

14.07. – 17.07.2022

Excursion: Language, Space & Society 2: Bamberg & Nürnberg

Catholic dome, medieval towns, National socialist sites. We will use this excursion to collect the material for the second workshop on language, space and society.