Research Ethics and Research Skills

Winter Semester 2020/2021

Aims of the Course

Research ethics and research skills are essential parts of any basic academic training and therefore usually covered very early stages of academic training. However, when academic careers progress, students and scholars often face more complex issues. The course aims at addressing these issues.

The course is part of the mandatory program of Action 3-1 in the “Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability” (GCSMUS), but it is also open to bachelor and master students at TU Berlin.

Speakers & Topics

  • Research Ethics (1): Rules of Good Scientific Practice
  • How to get visible within the scientific community?
  • Research Ethics (2): Protecting the Research Subjects and the Interests of Society
    • Nina Baur: Introduction to Research Ethics
    • Jan-Ocko Heuer & Elisabeth Huber: Documenting and Archiving Qualitative Data (1): Finding and Re-Using Qualitative Research Data
    • Jochen Gläser: Anonymization and De-Personalisation
    • Jan-Ocko Heuer & Elisabeth Huber: Documenting and Archiving Qualitative
      Data (2): Documenting and Archiving Qualitative Research Data with Qualiservice
    • René Tuma: Research Ethics in Ethnography
    • Rene Wilke: Documenting and Archiving Qualitative Data (3): Audio-Visual Data
    • Nina Baur: Public Sociology, Open Data & Data Science vs. Protecting the Data Producers, Business and State Secret