Safety in Urban Spaces

NIGERIA, Nsukka and Lagos

Social Conflict and Safety in Urban Spaces

Nigeria, Nsukka and Lagos

University of Nigeria, Department of Sociology and Anthropology In collaboration with: University of Lagos, and Setforth Nigeria Organization (NGO)

This MOOC addresses crime, violence and social conflicts that undermine urban safety and security globally, thereby engendering a regime of fear and widespread episodic disruptions of social and economic lives. Participants of this MOOC will gain a better understanding of the driving forces, nature and dynamics of urban social conflict (especially in developing societies undergoing rapid urbanisation) and build capacity in peacebuilding and conflict management.

SDG #11 Target:

MOOC Open Access

Hosting platform: University of Nigeria Google Classroom

Duration: 8 weeks. (One Module/video per week; Duration 30 mins.)

Availability: Participants can view the video any day of the week starting from Monday, May 29th 2023. A new video will be uploaded every Monday.

Presentation Mode: In high-quality interactive videos by seasoned scholars.

Target: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, scholars and practitioners/policymakers from diverse backgrounds, such as the social sciences; humanities; urban and regional planning; student/university administration; politics and governance; public administration; city administration etc.

Course Prerequisite: NONE – except the ability to read and access the internet.

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Pius Adejoh

Uche Agbo

Kene Anugwom

Augustine Agugua

Idongesit Eshiet