Session 25

F1 Critical Mapping and Comtemporary Visual Cultures

Critical Mapping – as an act of empowerment and means communication – offers effective tools to illustrate patterns of social injustice. Maps are tools of power and not neutral conveyors of information; they are tools for researching, analyzing, and representing urban phenomena as much as tools for public engagement, advocacy, and media activism. This session wants to discuss possibilities of critical mapping(s) in contexts of the global south – e.g. as teaching tools and resources for community empowerment, advocacy and social resistance – an in debates around urban justice. It aims to incorporate voices, stories and experiences of marginalized communities that are left out of the mainstream narrative and to highlight opportunities for activism and advocacy; but also to discuss methodological challenges and contemporary visual cultures of mapping and infographics. It therefore calls on academics, practitioners (e.g. policy makers and urban planners/designers), and civil society (e.g. activists, NGO’s) to share experiences on the way to creating more sustainable, just and inclusive cities.