Session 16

D2 Cross-Cultural Methods, Transnational Research and Issues of Comparability

Inequality exists between men and women in many countries, including Bhutan, China, Afghanistan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, to name a few of those countries. The population of women residing in the Indian state of Haryana, which is found in the country’s northern region, honours the decline. The state is plagued by social backwardness, honour killings, patriarchy, criminalization of women, female feticide, and a sex ratio that is dominated by men, all of which are contributing factors to the high rate of female feticide. As a direct result of these policies, there was a greater supply of eligible men for marriage. The eligible bachelors of rural Haryana are choosing to wed women from other parts of the country so that they can avoid these problems. This research will attempt to understand the cultural assimilation of cross-regional brides as well as how they accommodate life with a stranger, both of which are connected to intercultural marriage. This is an essential field of research to look into.