Session 24

SMUSI_24- Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Community-Oriented Approaches in Human Behavior

Conducting cross-cultural psychological studies in the social sciences is necessary for the modern research world. Cross-cultural studies not only involve different cultures but attempt to address and promote the multi-sited research challenges and opportunities. Such studies highlight the significant interest of social researchers globally to evaluate and expand their view on the changing dimension of human behavior comparatively. However, it has been observed that researchers have mainly adopted a western community-centric approach, with the expectations that the idea of a “community” is a cross-cultural given.  Hence, there is an urgent need for interdisciplinary research from comparative multi-sited studies. Such cross-cultural findings will not only broaden the intellectual conversation but will also address the scientific and ethical concerns. These studies may guide the young prospective researchers to adopt and inculcate study-site selection, community involvement, social status, and culture-appropriate methodology. With this session, we want to understand how an inclusive community-centred approach can be comprehended in a rapidly changing globalized world. In turn, we promote multidisciplinary approaches in psychology to investigate and strengthen cross-cultural research methods. Research studies should address one of the following research questions: (1) How should the notion of “community” be comprehended across cultures? (2) What should be the selection criteria for communities and societies for cross-cultural research investigation? (3) Which is the most appropriate cross-cultural research method, i.e. qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method approaches? (4) Which data sampling method and analysis can be applied? (5) How do we investigate the similarities and differences in cross-cultural research studies? (6)What considerations should social researchers emphasize while conducting cross-cultural research?