Session 31

31. Methods of Transnational Organisational and Economic Research

Supply shortages caused by economic or political crises, environmental disasters or even the Corona pandemic demonstrate clearly that value creation processes and logistics chains all over the world are interrelated and interdependent. Value processes and commodity chains represent an extremely important and challenging area of research as value chains connect (economically active) organisations with each other: transnationally and across political and geographical borders. This includes creating economic and organisational connections between countries and regions of the global South and those of the global North. It raises questions about methods of case selection, data collection and analysis of transnational organisational structures and value chains. The organisational and also spatial consideration of global economic contexts takes place in various academic fields. Thus, theoretical as well as methodological perspectives can be found in economic and political science, geography, sociology, ethnography, anthropology or even history. We therefore hope to receive submissions from a wide range of disciplines.