Session 16

16. Dialogues on Social Housing

Session Informations:

Day: Thursday, Sept. 8th
Time: 13:00 – 14:30 (BRT)
Duration: 90 min

Session Abstract:

This session aims to be a space for jointly listening, talking and learning about experiences of teaching, research and University extension regarding the application of methods focused on the issue of social housing. Therefore, it contemplates case studies and reports, providing a dialogue preferably within the South-South relationship. The session intends to discuss the housing problems in our cities, the occupation of vacant land and buildings, the urbanisation of popular villages (informal settlements), and technical assistance to social housing. The discussions of these issues will particularly address, on the one hand, the methodologies applied by researchers of these realities, which comprise survey, action research and participant observation. On the other hand, the session is receptive to approaches that establish a dialogue with communities, as well as participatory methodologies for the development of projects. Regardless of its South-South focus, this session is also interested in papers on participatory processes in different parts of the world that include reflections on the respective methodological approaches and its ethical implications. We hope that this session will point to possible methodological paths for social housing teaching, research and University extension. In the wake of the experience of organizing the Massive Open Online Course entitled ‘The Housing Context in Southern Brazil’ with the support of GSMUS/DAAD in 2021, we understand this session as an opportunity to expand our dialogue with other practitioners and researchers for the sake of solutions and subsidies for future public policies on the issue of social housing.

Paper presentations:

  • Urban Quality of Life: Multidimensional Evaluation in Porto Alegre, Brazil
    • Author: Josana Gabriele Bolzan Wesz, Luciana Inês Gomes Miron
  • The Importance of Accessing and Using Secondary Data in Studies on Urban Informal Settlements
    • Authors: Tamires Lenhart, Andriele da Silva Panosso, Luciana Inês Gomes Miron
  • Determining House Prices in Low Income Neighbourhoods of North-Central Nigeria: A Categorical Modelling Approach
    • Authors: Rukaiyat Adeola Ogunbajo, Olabisi Sulaiman Adesoji, Wali Rakiya Ibrahim
  • Building Material Flows of Incremental Housing in Lima
    • Author: Nick Nowara