Session 24

24. How to Establish Effective Methodologies for Construction of Inclusive Spaces through Land Use Planning in a Pluriverse Latin American Context?

The session seeks to promote an exchange of experiences in urban planning in a context of a pluriverse territory. The scope is to socialize learning processes, challenges, opportunities or proposals managed in: Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Argentina, at a local, subnational or regional scale. Main concerns in these processes are related to territorial planning methodologies, emphasizing the inclusion component of the socio-environmental diversity that characterizes their complex geographical spaces. Based on experiences led by social, institutional, community actors -or mixed teams-, which arise from concrete realities, it has sought to manage territorial and socio-environmental conflicts over the conservation and use of natural resources. This includes the recognition of rights, harmonization and the complementarity of planning instruments applied in the same territory. In this environment, the visibility and management of human settlements and the consideration of a pluriverse concept in both regional and urban planning have a fundamental role. The proposed methodology to set up the session is structured in five moments, as follows: i) General context in Latin America and introduction of the session by a moderator, including objectives and expected results of the space; ii) Presentation of four short videos of community leaders (3-5min/video each); iii) Panel of speakers where the selected experiences will be socialized by answering an specific issue: “How to determine the effectiveness of a methodology for regional and urban planning, designed and implemented in the territories, in order to advance in the valuation of the pluriverse concept and the contextualization of planning and management of cities and territories”; iv) Opening to questions (a moderator will select questions -or comments- that the public may address through the chat to the panel); v) At the end of the session, the moderator will make some conclusions about the main elements shared in the session. With all this material and as a result of the event, it is proposed to prepare an article for publication in a scientific journal.