Spatializing Violence Data in Brazil: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

Trainer Team:

NEV-USP – Center for the Study of Violence (University of São Paulo): José Teles; Natasha Bachini; Camila Nunes; Beatriz Oliveira de Carvalho; Sergio Adorno (coord.)




The course focuses four aspects on spacialization of violence: (1) Causal effects of victimization on support for vigilantism in São Paulo: Analyzing panel Data on violence with difference-in-differences; (2) the practical usage of web scraping on Facebook, focused on political and legislative profiles relevant to the field of violence, public security and human rights; (3) Qualitative Research Methods on Prisons and Organized Crime: Challenges, Possibilities, Safety and Ethical Limits; and (4) Criminal records in São Paulo, SP, Brazil: quality of spatial information.

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