Methodologies for Landscape Research in Urban Public Spaces in Brazil


QUAPÁ – Landscape Framework Lab (University of São Paulo): Fábio Mariz Gonçalves; Ana Cecília Matei de Arruda Campos; Eugenio Queiroga; Katia Canova; Talita Micheleti Honorato da Silva; Isabela Sollero Lemos; Camila Motoike Paim


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The Landscape Framework Laboratory (Lab-QUAPÁ) anchors the largest network of researchers on the landscape of Brazilian cities. Over almost 30 years, it has researched the morphology, transformations, organization, and forms of appropriation of open spaces in cities across the country. The course will highlight research on the appropriation of urban public open spaces, presenting the most recent studies, which seek to understand the logic, changes in practices, and public policies that deal with open spaces systems. We will explain the concepts, methods, and tools of study and cartography at different scales, from field surveys to georeferenced information systems.


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