Methodological Challenges for Research with Children (from Indigenous and Traditional Peoples)

Trainer Team:

ARANDU – Ethnology, Education and Socio-Biodiversity Lab (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil): Antonella Tassinari; Edilma Nascimento J. Monteiro; Melissa Santana de Oliveira; Helder Pires Amâncio; Suzana Cavalheiro de Jesus



Bilingual (English + Portuguese)



The course aims to discuss methodological challenges of researching children from indigenous and traditional peoples, based on the team’s experiences with indigenous children, gypsies and students from Mozambique. The following topics will be covered: 1. Why do we need to research children?; 2. Why do we need to go beyond the school context?; 3. Do we need specific methods to research children?; 4. Field research and participant observation as unavoidable research techniques; 5. Drawings as stimulus to a dialogue with children; 6. Ethical issues; 7. Examples of research with indigenous, gypsies and students in Mozambique.

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