Methodological Challenges for Race Research in Brazil


Afro-Cebrap – Center for Research and Education on Race, Gender and Social Justice (Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning): Márcia Lima, coord.

Group of Multidisciplinary Affirmative Action Studies (Institute of Social and Political Studies, UERJ): Luiz Augusto Campos


Major Disciplinary Field:







The racial theme in Brazil has become one of the most prominent themes on the country’s intellectual agenda. This change is mainly due to the socioeconomic and political transformations brought about by affirmative action. In this course, we will present the path and methodological challenges of the study on access to higher education: the challenges around the concept of race; the diversity of available sources (documentary material, primary data, secondary data, administrative data). The professors will take as a reference the construction and conduction of the research project entitled Consortium of Affirmative Actions. The workshop has three parts:

  1. Main concepts and their operationalization
  2. The various sources of research
  3. The methodological impasses in studies of access to higher education.


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