Insurgent Methodologies in Convivial-Unequal Contexts


Maya Manzi (Catholic University of Salvador, Brazil + MECILA – Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America)

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This mini-course aims to explore and critically analyze what we could call “insurgent methodologies”, which are critical and counter-hegemonic methodologies produced within relationships and contexts of conviviality and inequality. Research strategies and experiences that include advisory/assistance practices and other collaborations with social movements, communities and other civil society entities, their nature in terms of networks, agents and collective urban practices and their territorial implications will be addressed. In addition, some instruments, geotechnologies and other mediations applied to urbanism and urban-regional planning that can be considered as potentially or effectively insurgents will be identified and analyzed, such as social and collaborative ‘counter cartographies’, urban/environmental impact assessments and other critical, transgressive, and imaginative experiences, methods, techniques, and methodologies.

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