Dr. Ikanyeng S. Malila

  • Role in Center:

    Conference Organizing Committee Member

  • Discipline:

    Sociology, Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies

  • University:

    University of Botswana

  • Country:


Biography: Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies, University of Botswana. BA Social Sciences (University of Botswana), MA Sociology &Social Policy (Durham, UK), MSc (Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies), PhD (Edinburgh,UK).

Selected Publications:

  • Malila I. S (2019) ‘Modulating and Limiting the Punishment through the application of the proportionality principle : a perspective from Botswana’ Nordic Journal of Human Rights Vol 37 No 2, 123-142

  • Malila I. S and Makgala J. (2016) ‘Punishment and Labour Extraction in Colonial Botswana’ Botswana Notes and Records Vol47, 10-23

  • Malila I (2015) “Codified Law and the Changing Normative Context of Disputes in Traditional Settings in Botswana” Canadian Journal of African Studies 49(2)367-283

  • Malila I (2014) “Exploring the Influence of Legal and Non-Legal Variables on Sentencing in the Context of the Dual Legal System in Botswana” Botswana Law Journal Vol 18,51-65

  • Malila Ikanyeng and Robert Molebatsi (2014) “Botswana’s Experimentation with ‘Ethical’ Foreign Policy” Southern African Peace and Security Studies 3(3)

  • Malila, I. (2013) “Emerging Trends and the General Framework for the Exercise of Sentencing Discretion in Botswana” African Journal of Legal Studies 6, 171–188

  • Maunganidze. L and Malila. I (2013) Emerging Complexities and Ambiguities of Chinese Aid: The Case of Southern Africa. Botswana Journal of Business 6(1), 89-100

  • Sebudubudu, D., Maripe, B., Botlhomilwe, M. Z., & Malila, I. S. (2017). The Mutation of Parliament into a “Registration Chamber”: Executive Dominance over the Legislature in Botswana. The African Review, 40(2), 33-59.

  • Malila, I. S. (2012). Severity of multiple punishments deployed by magistrate and customary courts against common offences in Botswana: A comparative analysis. International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, 7(2),618-634

  • Malila, I. S. (2012) The Role of Punishment in the Political Subordination of the Dikgosi in Colonial Botswana’ Botswana Notes & Records Vol 44, 13-24

  • Malila, I. S. (2010) ‘Reconciling Plural Legal System: Between Justice and Disorder in Botswana’ Botswana Notes & Records Vol 42,71-78

  • Malila, I. S. (1997). Starting first and finishing last: Democracy and its discontents in Botswana. Society in Transition, 28(1-4), 20-26.

  • Makgala, C. J.,/ Malila, I. S. (2014). The 2011 Bofepusu Strike The Centre For Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS) ISBN No: 978-1-920287-63-4

  • Mashaka, K. T.,/ Malila I. S. (2011) ‘The Changing Face of Crime and Criminality in Southern Africa’ in Sociology Supplement For Southern Africa Pearson Education(S.A)-ISBN13:9781770259669

  • Hughes. S.,/ Malila, I. S. (1999). ‘Media and the African Context of the Construction of HIV/AIDS’ In Ronald Kempe (ed.) AIDS and Development in Africa, Haworth Press –ISBN 0789006383

Areas of Expertise:

  • Youth & Justice
  • Sentencing & Sentencing policy
  • Justice in plural legal systems: Indigenous legal systems & Justice
  • Political Sociology